Wind For Schools



  1. 1.What are the system requirements?

    Currently the client software requires a windows based computer running xp or higher with Java run time engine 6.20 or higher.

  1. 2.Where can it get the software?

    See “How do I register a new turbine” above.

  1. 3.Why is my turbine not listed on the welcome page or why is it on the Inactive List?

    If your turbine is not listed on the welcome page, then the database is not receiving any current data (that day) from the turbine.  Check the status of the client software and the communications with the server and turbine.  In most cases, it is an issue with the turbine not sending data to the client software, or the turbine internal clock set to an incorrect time.  In most cases a restart of the turbine or checking the turbine date will resolve the issue.  When the communications between the client and server are not working, check the client preferences and verify the settings are correct.

  1. 4.Why does the website say that my turbine may be off line when it shows that it is running?

    This usually indicates that the client software is using an older version of the software, update to the latest version.

  1. 5.How do I install the software?

    Look at the readme file included in the download

  1. 6.Can any one Join?

    Yes, any one with a Skystream 3.7 turbine can setup to send data to the database.  Any one can read and use the data by accessing any of the participating turbine’s site.

  1. 7.What does it cost?

    The client software is free to use after registration of a Skystream 3.7 turbine.


  1. 1.How do I register a new turbine?

    Wind for schools @ currently supports the skystream 3.7 small wind turbine. 

    New systems can be added to the database by registering their system on the site

    After registration, you can download the client software.

  1. 2.How do I update my registration information

    You can use the following site to update your current system information. 

    The information in the site must match the information in the client software preferences.