Hydro Energy Production & Load

Idaho Falls is one of the oldest public power communities in the Northwest. The city of Idaho Falls has been providing its residents municipal electric power for 110 years.

Joseph A. Clark was mayor during the construction of the first power plant in 1900.  As a civil engineer and surveyor, he was closely involved with the development of the region’s irrigation canals.

The power plant was located at the site that is now the small park on the west side of Boulevard where Tenth Street connects. Locals at the time called the location the “Crow Slough”

The original 1900 power plant generated electricity from the water tumbling out of an irrigation ditch.

Pictured at the top of this page is a current photo of the city plant. 

The Idaho Falls Hydro Power Plant is considered one of the most green hydro power plant in the country because it is “fish friendly”.  More information can be found at:

Idaho Falls Power