Behind The Scenes

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INL-Energy Research for Educators

Wind for Schools,  Solar Research, Hydro Turbine Energy

Renewable Energy

A team of educators and scientists from the Idaho National Laboratory have worked together to develop a Renewable Energy Curriculum dedicated to helping teachers integrate Renewable energy curriculum into their classrooms.  This site serves as a portal to the vast data being collected from the wind turbines, solar arrays and hydro turbines participating in the program.  It also provides a single repository for displaying, storing and studying the data as well as providing tools and resources to educators, students and researchers

What is available

Wind For Schools/ Solar Energy Research

    -help schools get Skystream/Fronius operational

    -provide data to classrooms, students, researchers,     engineers, etc.

    -searchable data archives

    -automatic data logging

    -minimal resources required

    -open source tools

    -platform independent

Web Accessible Interface

Help provide a simple easy to use web accessible interface

Provide tools for research and classroom discussions from a variety of platforms ranging from desktop computers to hand held mobile devices

Outreach Programs

A team of educators and scientists from the INL have developed a renewable energy curriculum dedicated to helping teachers integrate energy curriculum into their classrooms. The team also is working to make hands-on learning experiences available to students through the installation of wind turbines and PV systems.

“These programs raise awareness in rural America about the benefits of wind energy while developing a wind energy knowledge base for future leaders of our communities”.